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Breaking Illusions with Testing

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Wednesday, October 9 2019
14:15 - 15:00

As a tester, I don’t break your code, I break your *illusions* about the code. And illusions come in many forms. Illusions may be about the code doing what it’s supposed to; about the product doing what it would need to; about your process is able to deliver with change in mind; people having the skills to deliver well and about the business growing with uninformed risks on the product and the business model around it. 

This talk goes through examples of illusions that need to be broken and skills that you need to build to break them. Testing is not just the technical checks but more relevantly it’s about discovering information about threats to value you’re trying to create.

We will address:

  • Types of illusions testers break with examples from the speaker’s 20 years in testing
  • Skills teams need to build to learn to evaluate the product by learning about it through exploration and experimentation
  • Creating a culture of feedback and experiments with diversity of personalities and skills in the teams



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