JAX London, 3–6 October 2022
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Wednesday, October 5 2022
10:15 - 11:00
Room B

You know when your boss tells you what to do but you know it’s wrong? How about the frustrating feeling when you have to do it because it’s part of company culture? Why is that? It’s because you don’t have the upper hand. But you have to!

Regardless of organisational charts, process flows, and documented culture, we have to ask ourselves how we cooperate as individuals, how we can be authentic in the companies we work in, and how this affects our interpersonal relationships and the way we work together.

Different forms of organisations need different forms of cooperation. What best practices from different organisational forms can be good for different kinds of people? That is what this thought journey is about.

In this talk, I will take you on a journey to look at "the best of all worlds". We will look at how we can work well together in our organisations and systems. This is not only about ourselves as knowledgeable workers, but it’s also about how our image can be authentic internally and externally. Whether it’s for ourselves or to create the best possible experience and product for our clients.

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