JAX London, 8-11 October 2018
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Edge or Cloud: Which horse to bet on in the content delivery race

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If you browse the web, you get the impression that edge computing is the clear favorite in the content delivery race whereas cloud seems to be turning rather into an outsider. However, one option does not necessarily exclude the other. High-level granular edge control brings a lot of advantages to content delivery: lower response latencies, greater user engagement, improved security (authentication and authorization), increased flexibility and of course control of HTTP behaviour – to name just a few. However, before you place all your bets on a single horse, you should be aware of those use cases where edge doesn’t make a lot of sense (mobile commerce and live streaming) or where it can potentially backfire. 

Arianna Aondio, Tech Evangelist at Varnish Software has been out “on the racetrack” a lot and will share her experience on how to pick a horse to bet in the content delivery race. She will discuss different use cases and examine when edge is a better solution and where cloud would make more sense.

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