JAX London, 5-8 October 2020
The Online Conference for Java & Software Innovation

Developer Experience Cloud Native – From Code Gen to Git Commit without a CI/CD Pipeline (nearly slideless)


Developing cloud native applications introduces a lot of complexities for developers. Without using tools to compensate these complexities, you will not become very efficient and often suffer a rising frustration by fighting these problems. Before I push code into Git, I want to test different things in my cloud environment. Therefore it is essential to have a fast and easy round trip. A classic round trip starts by writing or generating code, creating a Docker image, deploying it into Kubernetes and testing or remote debugging the application in Docker or in Kubernetes. Without some elementary tools, this round trip will not be very fast or simple and therefore error prone. This Lab will show you some open source tools that make developers lives easier. Short demos will demonstrate the simple handling of these tools. We will start by generating a MicroProfile and a SpringBoot application. By using the different tools (e.g. Helm, Shell completion, kubectl cp, Ksync, Stern, Kubefwd, Telepresence, …) on these applications, the complete round trip will be shown. Most of these tools are language independent. Finally you will get an outlook on tools which are more focused on larger developer teams.

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