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JAX London, 9-12 October 2017
The Conference for JAVA & Software Innovation

John Davies
10 Oct 2017
18:15 - 19:05
Room B+C
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Want to be an Entrepreneur?

10 Oct 2017
18:15 - 19:05
Room B+C

Have you ever thought about going it alone or branching off with some like-minded colleagues? I don’t just mean becoming a consultant – I mean a business with product and employees.
It’s pretty daunting, cash-flow, P&L, cap tables, fund raising, VCs, billing, international tax, employee option schemes. Oh and then you might just have some time for your idea and a little programming.
Since 2000 John has co-founded 4 companies and acquired 2. All turned over multi-millions, all profitable (eventually), 2 were sold to listed companies, 2 liquidated for entrepreneur’s relief, the latest however is a LOT bigger.
From binary Java, Integration, big-data, micro-services and blockchain to international payments John will walk you through some of the pitfalls, the ups and downs, the dos and don’ts and general advice for becoming a technical entrepreneur, successful or not.

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