JAX London, 7-10 October 2019
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Advanced Java Profiling

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Profiling Workshop

Profiling is a key technique in observing and understanding application performance. This ability allows us to determine where in our systems bottlenecks lie, and gives us the information required to target those bottlenecks. Armed with this knowledge and the use of appropriate design patterns, we can fully utilise the power of modern computing hardware, making our applications faster. Aiming for good application performance has many benefits: better user experience, superior scalability, and improved efficiency, which can be particularly useful in today’s cloud deployments. This course is designed for application developers and performance engineers who are already well-versed in the use of standard application profilers. The material will build on this knowledge, exploring different approaches to profiling, and covering more advanced techniques in more depth. Other topics include measuring and reporting system latency, and profiling in production.

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