• Dr. Daniel Bryant

    Jumpstart Your Cloud Native Development: An Overview of Practices and Tooling

    Dr. Daniel Bryant (Ambassador Labs)
    Angie Jones

    Modern Java: Beyond Version 8

    Angie Jones (Applitools)
    Emily Jiang

    Cloud-Native Application Development with MicroProfile

    Emily Jiang (IBM)
    Carola Lilienthal

    The future of the Past – Legacy will stay with us

    Carola Lilienthal (WPS - Workplace Solutions)
    Michiel Rook

    Real-world Continuous Delivery: Learn, Adapt, Improve

    Michiel Rook (Independent Consultant)
    Natan Silnitsky

    Battle-tested event-driven patterns for your microservices architecture

    Natan Silnitsky (Wix.com)