• Emily Jiang

    MicroProfile: Current and Future

    Emily Jiang (IBM)
    Dr. Daniel Bryant

    Testing Java Microservices Apps Without Cooking Your Laptop: Using Docker & Telepresence

    Dr. Daniel Bryant (Ambassador Labs)
    Michael Hofmann

    Developer Experience Cloud Native – Become Efficient And Achieve Parity

    Michael Hofmann (Hofmann IT-Consulting)
    Karsten Silz

    Pick Technologies Faster by Coding with JHipster!

    Karsten Silz (Better Projects Faster Ltd.)
    Phil Wilkins

    Is The 12 Factor App right about logs?

    Phil Wilkins (Capgemini UK)
    Dr. Victor Rentea

    Your tests are trying to tell you something

    Dr. Victor Rentea (Independent Trainer)