JAX London, 8-11 October 2018
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Arianna Aondio

Arianna Aondio
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Arianna Aondio

Varnish Software

Arianna is Tech Evangelist at Varnish Software, the company behind the open source HTTP engine Varnish Cache, used by more than 2.8 million websites worldwide. She is an expert in web acceleration technologies, CDNs, streaming, free and open source software and developer-related topics. Arianna who got into Varnish Cache when studying Computer Science at the Politecnico di Milano University, started her career as Software Developer and Field Engineer at Varnish Software in 2014. In her different roles her duties have included writing code, handling second-line support, giving training, speaking at conferences and supporting marketing activities.

When Arianna is not busy working, she is likely to be traveling or enjoying outdoor sports. Arianna holds a Bachelor Degree in Engineering of computing systems from the Politecnico di Milano University and speaks fluent Italian and English.

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