JAX London, 8-11 October 2018
The Conference for Java & Software Innovation

Simon Maple

Simon Maple
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Simon Maple


Simon is the Head of Developer Advocacy at ZeroTurnaround. He presents at major conferences around the world, including, JavaOne, Devoxx Fr, Devoxx UK, JavaZone, JavaLand, JAX and many many more. He has been a JUG leader with the London Java Community (London JUG, over 4000 members) for over 3 years, and has been the lead organizer for the annual LJC open conference for the last 2 years (> 150 attendees). He founded and is the leader of VirtualJUG (vJUG), which has already attracted nearly 2000 members, despite being created in November 2013.

He is a technical writer and an editor with RebelLabs, a research & content think-tank established by ZeroTurnaround. In April 2014, he was awarded the prestigious title of a Java Champion.

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