JAX London, 4–7 October 2021
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Teaching New Tricks- How to Enhance the Skills of Experienced Developers

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Wednesday, October 7 2020
09:00 - 09:45

In this industry we often find ourselves sharing software development techniques with experienced software developers from a wide variety of backgrounds. This might mean, for instance, extolling the virtues of test-driven development and pair programming to people who have never even heard of it. But it could also mean working with old hands who have worked on several projects which flew the “agile” banner but left them with the impression that techniques such as TDD are cumbersome and pointless.

It’s easy to forget what it felt like to be a beginner, and it’s easy to ignore the fact that experienced developers are not stupid and will have good reasons for any cynical attitudes they hold. This is a talk about the rewards and pitfalls involved in introducing new techniques and technologies to developers from a wide variety of backgrounds. It includes several practical suggestions of how to help your colleagues to learn new stuff and try new techniques. 

Let’s embrace a culture of growth and create an environment where technologists can be excited about learning any new skill or technology, and empowered to explore and ask questions without making assumptions.

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