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The DevOps Cookbook

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Tuesday, October 9 2018
11:30 - 12:20
Room A

The DevOps Cookbook demonstrates how to implement a holistic DevOps approach in a large scale organization, how to set the targets, the priorities, how to engage the people and keep up the momentum. The DevOps Cookbook offers a solution for complex legacy systems tailored for the organization’s needs.

These are the four steps for creating a sustainable mechanism for improvements also known as DevOps implementation:

1.Initiation and Assessment:
– Assess all the different aspects of the project that may impact the project performance. (I will share different means for doing that)
– Initiate the change leaders and create a change steering community
2.High level plan and Strategy:
– Based on the analysis, high level decisions need to be made. Deciding for the change boundaries, parties that will be involved and identify low hanging fruits
– Communicating the change and the decisions that were made
– High level backlog of items that need to be addressed as part of the DevOps implementation
3.Grooming and implementation (Iterative Step):
– DevOps Backlog maintenance, estimation and prioritization
– Execution ceremonies
– Inspect and adopt and create best practices
4.Re- Asses (Iterative Step):
– Measure the execution results

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