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What’s in your java application – is it safe? Can you ‘Shift Left’ to mitigate the risks

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Tuesday, October 11 2016
13:45 - 14:35
Room B

Do you want to have faster releases, increased efficiency, less unplanned work, fewer break-fixes, easier maintenance and better quality software?

Maven Central is the world’s largest open source repository for Java libraries and used by over 100,000 organisations globally. Development teams use open source libraries to develop functionally rich applications at speed in an agile manner, however there is an inherent security and license risk that needs mitigating. Sonatype will demonstrate live, in conjunction with Jenkins and Bamboo, how Nexus Lifecycle can produce a ‘Bill of Materials’ report to show you what open source libraries are inside your application, what the security and license risks are and then show you how to remediate this from an Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE.

If anyone would like to bring their own Java application, either in EAR or WAR format, then Sonatype would more than welcome the opportunity to scan the application and produce a Bill of Materials report live at the event.

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