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The bumpy road towards containerised microservices: why early adoption meant it took longer for us to get there

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Tuesday, October 9 2018
11:30 - 12:20
Room E+F

How we run our applications is always evolving – Monoliths to microservices, migration to the cloud, containerisation, improved orchestration. Containers have become synonymous with microservices but they present a new set of challenges…

In this talk I will share some of our experiences and rationale behind early adoption of containerisation using an in-house written orchestration mechanism through to migrating to Kubernetes.

In this talk I will discuss:

  • Our motivation for moving services into containers
  • The pain that went along with very early adoption
  • Which development approaches and practices help or hinder containerising a service
  • How our development process changed when we started running in containers
  • Best practices and lessons learnt around migrations

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