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JAX London, October 2-5, 2023
The Conference for Java & Software Innovation

Selected features, talks and interviews from JAX London


What does Cloud Native Java really mean to developers?

Dr. Daniel Bryant, Jessica Deen, Sebastian Meyen

Continuous Delivery is better for your Brain

Daniel Jones

Effective Leadership in Agile/DevOps Environments

Michiel Rook

Java for Cloud Natives

James Governor

Leadership at Every Level

Liz Keogh

Testing Microservices: From development to production

Dr. Daniel Bryant

Sessions & Interviews

Scala: Beyond the Basics

Christopher Batey

Eclipse MicroProfile

Emily Jiang

All the way to 11: Delivering new features in the JDK

Simon Ritter

Cloud Native Java with OpenJ9

Steve Poole

"We're drifting towards a cloud native era"

Jessica Deen

Best DevOps implementation strategies

Interview with Liat Palace

Microservices pitfalls, drivers and trends

Interview with Bernd Ruecker

What DevOps was to cloud, GitOps is to cloud-native

Tracy Miranda interview

Implications of GDPR in event sourcing

Interview with Michiel Rook

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