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Elevate your skills in cloud computing, Kubernetes, and serverless architectures. Designed for experienced developers and software architects, this track covers advanced Kubernetes techniques, efficient cost optimization, and essential cloud-native security practices.

Cloud, Kubernetes, & Serverless

Learn from Industry Leaders about:

  • Cloud-Native Applications: Explore best practices for building and securing Kubernetes clusters and cloud-native applications, including network security, access control, and data encryption.
  • Advanced Kubernetes: Delve into advanced Kubernetes concepts and techniques to maximize operational efficiency and security.
  • Serverless Architectures: Understand the principles of serverless computing, exploring frameworks like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google Cloud Functions.
  • Cloud Portability: Learn practical strategies for migrating your Kubernetes applications across different cloud providers while minimizing platform lock-in.
  • Cost Optimization: Learn strategies for optimizing costs associated with cloud deployments and serverless architectures, including resource management and billing optimization.
  • AI for Kubernetes: Explore AI-powered tools for automating tasks, improving reliability, and gaining deeper insights into your Kubernetes environment.

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