Efficiency Unleashed: Essential Serverside Java Skills

Explore advanced server-side Java development with a focus on high-performance Enterprise applications. Dive into Spring's powerful ecosystem, discover the latest in Jakarta EE, optimize performance, implement top-tier security practices, and harness cloud-native capabilities with Spring Boot and Quarkus.

Serverside Java

Learn from Industry Leaders about:

  • Spring Ecosystem: Master the creation of Enterprise-ready architectures with the comprehensive suite of tools and frameworks provided by the Spring ecosystem.
  • Jakarta EE & MicroProfile: Explore the latest features in Jakarta EE and learn about migrating from classic Java EE applications.
  • Persistence & Performance: Fine-tune Java applications with advanced JPA/Hibernate techniques, pinpointing bottlenecks and optimizing data access.
  • Security in Java: Explore best practices and frameworks for implementing robust security measures in Java applications, including authentication, authorization, and data encryption.
  • Cloud-Native Java: Explore Spring Boot and Quarkus capabilities for developing Java applications with faster startup times, lower memory consumption, and efficient compilation to native code, ideal for microservices architectures.

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