JAX London, 3–6 October 2022
The Conference for Java & Software Innovation

Architecting for a Product-centric Operating Model

Tuesday, October 4 2022
14:30 - 15:15
Room A

Last year the Gartner magic 8-ball gave us the concept of Product-centric IT teams. Whilst essentially a funding model, this idea that a technology team works only on business issues leaves a bit of a gap when it comes to implementing a secure software supply-chain for technology deliverables – how do we package up, inspect, deliver and monitor the product teams’ solutions in a scalable and efficient way if this is no longer in the remit of the team that built the product?

A new concept of a platform for development teams is required. This talk will look at what that platform layer might comprise of, what its remit might be, and how it will differ from existing IT "platform-as-a-service" offerings.


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