JAX London, 7-10 October 2019
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Automated Data-driven Deployments

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Wednesday, October 11 2017
16:35 - 17:25
Room B+C

From a single source of configuration data, it is possible to automate a deploy a complete system to the cloud. This is the promise of infrastructure-as-code. There is an art, however, in keeping things simple. Gradually increasing complexity kills the flexibility and agility of automated processes.

This talk demonstrates how we were able to keep our deployment system simple by reducing the number of layers of abstraction and utilising a power tool such as Mach that was developed for this purpose. Mach is a remake of Make, built on lumo which allows scripts to be written in Clojure (Script) with full interoperability with Nodejs. We will explain why we built Mach and why it is such a powerful tool. We will also explain the power of a data-driven approach, where we keep all system configuration as a single entity which powers applications, infrastructure and documentation.

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