JAX London, 3–6 October 2022
The Conference for Java & Software Innovation

Developer Experience Cloud Native – Become Efficient And Achieve Parity

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Wednesday, October 5 2022
16:00 - 16:45

Efficient cloud development does not only include a quick deployment of services in the cloud. A smooth development and debugging of services directly in the cloud also increases efficiency. In addition, the development environment should be as identical as possible to the production environment. The 12-factor app listing in point 10: “Dev / prod parity” recommends this fact. In this session, a selection of open source tools will be presented that help a Java developer achieve the following goals: fast and synchronous deployment (Skaffold), development and debugging inside Kubernetes pods (OpenLiberty with Ksync, Quarkus Live Coding), extending the Kubernetes perimeter for local development (telepresence or Bridge to Kubernetes).

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