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Workshop: From Zero to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

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Thursday, October 10 2019
09:00 - 17:00
Room A
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CI/CD Workshop

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) are development practices of applying small code changes frequently. It’s well known that it becomes more and more essential to any agile-based organization.
This workshop will help you to understand the CI/CD concepts, mindset, and how to implement the practices that help to form the DevOps culture to implement CI/CD for software development.


We will learn more about the following topics:

•    What is CI/CD and what are the concepts in order to run a proper, reliable and robust CI/CD?
•    Git: Main concepts and most common commands form the command line
•    Github: Open an account and get the idea behind Github and Github workflows
•    Build frameworks: Maven main concepts
•    Jenkins: Installation and basic administration of Jenkins server and jobs
•    Jenkins pipelines: Getting to know the basic syntax and how to develop pipelines

Finally – we will connect everything together with a “Hello-world” application that runs on your laptops.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn about the concepts of CI/CD (developers, QA Engineers, Product / Project managers etc’).
You will have to install:
•    Git SCM
•    JAVA 8 (JDK / JRE 8).
•    Nice to have: Tomcat installed on your Laptop

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