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The Future of IDEs

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Tuesday, October 10 2017
10:00 - 10:50
Executive Centre

What tools will you be using to develop code ten years from now? The state of developer tooling is changing fast in thanks to the explosion of new languages, frameworks and technologies emerging. Integrated development environments that aim to be a one-stop-show for developers are struggling to keep pace with the changes. Does this mean that the days of full-blown IDEs like Eclipse and IDEA are numbered?

This talk looks at current trends in the developer tools world.  It looks at how tool development is evolving to keep up with languages by use of the language server protocols. It examines the trend of moving to the cloud, are containers and cloud workspaces inevitable? This talk also looks beyond today’s trends to the future: will AI/machine learning be used to help us write code faster and find bugs quicker? How will tools evolve for each new generation? How will developers themselves affect the future of IDEs?

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