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Concurnas – a Modern JVM Language for Modern Software

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Tuesday, October 6 2020
16:00 - 16:45

In recent years, software engineering and the role of software engineers has changed. Teams have evolved heterogeneously to incorporate technical, non-technical and domain specific experts. Solutions are now expected to be rapidly delivered, whilst also being highly performant and scalable. At the same time we have the cloud and ever more increasingly powerful multi-core CPU and GPU hardware at our disposal. Programming languages are the principle tools by which we interact with our machines to solve problems. The world needs our languages to evolve in order to suit this new environment.

In this talk we explore Concurnas, a JVM language designed for solving the concurrent, distributed and parallel programming problems faced by the modern enterprise. We see how Concurnas affords developers of all ability the capacity to easily leverage modern multi-core CPU and GPU hardware for solving problems. We learn how Concurnas’s unique simplified model of concurrent and GPU computing allows developers to easily create not only new code, but use leverage their existing Java (or JVM language) code to build safe, reliable, concurrent software.

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