JAX London, 4–7 October 2021
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Exploiting Modern Java

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Wednesday, October 6 2021
14:00 - 14:45

September saw the release of JDK 17, the next long-term support release. Java developers are now being provided with more new features at a faster pace than at any time in its over quarter-century history. Many of these new features provide exciting new language level changes, as well as useful new APIs. In this session, we’ll explore in detail what these changes are and how best to use them (as well as advice on when not to use them). We’ll also explain the significance of preview features and incubator modules. We’ll cover the following new language features:

  • Local variable type inference (JDK 10)
  • Switch expressions (JDK 12)
  • Text blocks (JDK 13)
  • Records (JDK 14)
  • Pattern matching for instanceof (JDK 14)
  • Sealed classes and changes to Records (JDK 15)

For each recent JDK, we’ll also highlight the most useful additions to the core class libraries. At the end of this session, you’ll be all set to write modern Java code!

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