JAX London, 7-10 October 2019
The Conference for Java & Software Innovation

Hands On: Best of Java 9-13

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Best of Java Workshop

This Best of Java Hands On Workshop introduces various improvements included in Java 9 up to the brand new Java 13. We will have a look at language and syntax improvements as well as new features in streams, optionals, concurrency and HTTP/2, and many more. Your knowledge will be established by a lot of hands on exercises. One key feature in Java 9 is modularization. After an introduction, modularization will be treated in more depth. Starting with simple examples, their complexity grows concerning management of dependencies and realization of service. Additionally, migration is addressed. This is especially important because as of Java 11 some modules like those for JavaFX and XML processing have been taken out of the JDK deployment. The participants will receive a thorough overview of important features in modern Java. This should be helpful for software engineers and for architects to decide if Java 11, 12 or 13 is valuable for their products and to ease migration.

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