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SOLD OUT – Java application security the hard way – a workshop for the serious developer

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Thursday, October 11 2018
09:00 - 17:00
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Security Workshop

Cybercrime is rising at an alarming rate. As a Java developer you know you need to be better informed about security matters but it’s hard to know where to start. This workshop will help you understand how to improve the security of your application through a series of demonstration hacks and related hands on exercises. Serious though the topic is, this practical session will be fun and will leaving you more informed and better prepared. Start building your security memory muscle here

Introductions & the economics of cybercrime – who the bad guys are, how they operate, why cybercrime is on the rise.

Discovery & targeting – demonstrations and hands-on of how vulnerable servers are discovered, how weaknesses are initially exploited etc. Timelines.

Attack – the anatomy and varieties of an attack. Simple demos with some hands on. Show remote code execution, cross site scripting, Man-in-the-middle scenarios. Devices on the network, Explore the tools readily available to the attacker. (some hands on) How social engineering techniques are used against developers
Defence & Prevention- Simple software design principles for improved security. Understanding the realities of vulnerability patching, dependency management considerations. Improving development practises throughout the pipeline. Thinking differently.

Attendees should bring a laptop with them. No pre-req installation is required.

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