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Java releases and support: Untangling the confusion

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Tuesday, October 9 2018
14:30 - 15:20


Java SE 11 has been released but there’s more to this release than meets the eye; after Java 9 and 10, Java 11 is the first version to offer long-term support (LTS). Oracle is one of the providers but there are other players involved in the new LTS plot. Therefore, Java users have some decisions to make. Here are some options:


a) you follow each update every half year in your production system,


b) you decide to base your production system on one of the supported versions — offered by Oracle, Azul, AdoptOpenJDK, IBM to name a few



Not sure where to go from here? This panel will give you the chance to raise questions, discuss options and ultimately have a better understanding of what’s going to happen once the last free Oracle Java 8 update runs its course.


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