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Let’s Build our own Dependency Injection Framework!

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Wednesday, October 7 2020
12:00 - 12:45

Most developers have experience with dependency injection (DI), whether it’s with Spring, Google Guice or CDI. But how many developers actually know how these frameworks make this magic happen? Or how dependency injection works in general? I, for one, didn’t have a clue. That’s the reason I built the Injectinator: my own DI implementation for Java SE. Creating the Injectinator has taught me a lot about DI and how the “magic” happens.

In this talk I will show the audience how Java reflection works, and how they can harness its capabilities to create their own dependency injection framework. The following subjects will be covered:

– Reflection in Java

– Inversion of Control

– What is Dependency Injection?

– Types of Dependency InjectionAll of this will be demonstrated with a live demo.

After this talk you will have a better understanding of how a DI framework works and you should be able to build your own DI framework.

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