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Porting Doom 3 to Java: Lessons Learned

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Wednesday, October 11 2017
15:15 - 16:05

So everybody knows the Doom games, right? Every new installment brought brand new ideas, and groundbreaking graphics. But more importantly, they brought the source code of the prior installment to the eye of the public. Naturally people have played and hacked the code to oblivion, as much as they played the games themselves. And I have the honor to be one of those people.

I (naively) endeavored to port the Doom 3 C++ code to our fantabulous Java. In doing so, I hoped to learn, among other things, more about 3D graphics. What I didn’t expect though, was for djoom3 to teach me more about Java!

Aside from the basic game development intro, this talk focuses on the following: some areas where Java should learn from it’s nemesis, C++; other areas where the student(Java) becomes the master(C++); and some promises that were made, but never kept. If there’s any time left, we might add a little rant about why Java should be used more often for game prototyping and development.

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