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Java’s next chapter

Java 10 was the first release in Oracle’s new six-month cycle and, as Simon Ritter, Deputy CTO at Azul Systems said in an interview earlier this year, this release is the fastest in Java’s 23-year history. Now we’re just one month away from Java 11 so it’s not far-fetched to say that Java’s new chapter is exciting.

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Fun fact: Most of the articles included in the current issue are written by JAX London speakers, so if you want to find out more about the topics presented in this JAX Magazine, check out the program and attend their sessions.

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  • Begin your Java exploration: Advice and resources
    • Samuil Mihaylov
  • “Java is designed to get the job done”
    • Interview with Peter Lawrey and Simon Ritter
  • What if you released a JDK and nobody used it?
    • Simon Ritter
  • Seven ways to capture Java heap dumps
    • Ram Lakshmanan
  • How to handle structs in Java like a pro
    • Juraj Papp
  • The DevOps cookbook
    • Liat Palace
  • GitOps, Jenkins, and Jenkins X
    • Tracy Miranda
  • Event Sourcing and the GDPR
    • Michiel Rook
  • Architecting a Blockchain solution
    • Vinita Rathi
  • “GraphQL is not an alternative to ‘real’ REST services”
    • Interview with Christian Schwendtner
  • Conquer your public speaking fears
    • Erica Tanti
  • Diversity talk: Change is slow
    • Erica Tanti
  • How well do you know your Deeplearning4j trivia?
    • Skymind