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Hands-on Cloud-native Java with MicroProfile, Kubernetes and Istio

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Monday, October 7 2019
09:00 - 17:00
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Cloud Native Java Workshop Monday

Ever wondered what makes a cloud-native application “cloud-native”? Ever wondered what the unique challenges are and how best to address them on fully-open Java technologies? In this workshop, you’ll learn what it means to be cloud-native and how that impacts application development. You’ll learn about Eclipse MicroProfile, an industry collaboration defining technologies for the development and management of cloud-native microservices. With a full set of MicroProfile workshop modules available to you, you’ll be able to start with the basics of REST services and progress to more advanced topics, or you can jump right in and develop secure, fault tolerant, configurable and monitorable microservices.
Once you’ve developed your microservice, you’ll learn how to package it in a Docker container and deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster. Finally, you’ll learn the role of a service mesh and use Istio to manage your microservice interactions.

1. What it means to be cloud-native
2. Why Java alone cannot fulfil all the needs of cloud-native applications
3. Cloud-native application development with MicroProfile, covering:
  • CDI 
  • Typesafe REST Client
  • MicroProfile Config
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Security (JWT)
  • Open API
  • Metrics
  • Health Check
  • Open Tracing

4. Cloud-native application deployment, covering:

  • ​Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Istio

To use these guides you need the following pre-requisites:
1.    A Java 8 JDK (e.g. https://adoptopenjdk.net/?variant=openjdk8&jvmVariant=openj9)
2.    Apache Maven 3.5.4 or later (https://maven.apache.org/). Older versions may not work.
3.    A git client
4.    An editor with Java support (e.g. Eclipse, VS Code, IntelliJ)
5.    Docker & Kubernetes:
1.    Windows: https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/#kubernetes
2.    Mac: https://docs.docker.com/docker-for-windows/#kubernetes
3.    Linux: https://github.com/kubernetes/minikube#installation)
6.    Download latest stable Istio release (not a Pre-release): https://github.com/istio/istio/releases

If you will be taking the workshop at a location with limited network bandwidth, it is recommended you do the following beforehand in order to populate your local .m2 repo and Docker cache.
git clone https://github.com/OpenLiberty/tutorial-microprofile.git
cd tutorial-microprofile
mvn install
docker build -t prime:mym2 .

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