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Apache Isis – Closing the Architecture/Code Gap

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Tuesday, October 11 2016
16:45 - 17:35

A problem all software projects encounter is making sure that code reflects the desired architectural principles/constraints. Many approaches have been tested, but the practical unification of architecture and code still eludes us.

Apache Isis takes a different approach, forcibly separating architectural constructs from domain model, combining the two at runtime. It promises to free the developer from writing “boilerplate” and focus on the domain model instead.

In this talk we’re going to explore Isis by way of an interview. Eoin will set the stage, then take on the role of interviewer, posing questions on behalf of the audience. In the meantime, Dan will aim to answer those questions, demonstrating the framework where appropriate. You’ll end up with an appreciation for how Isis’ unique approach provides architectural alignment of the domain code, as well as an idea as to which types of projects Isis can be best put into practice.

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