JAX London, 3–6 October 2022
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Beyond the Monolith: Application Security Testing in the Microservices Era

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Tuesday, October 4 2022
15:45 - 16:30
Room B

As organizations evolve their microservices architecture, security risks also become visible. Microservices applications testing exposes problems in traditional AST tools like DAST and SAST. In this talk, we recap the basics of DAST and SAST and discuss the challenges facing these technologies in the Microservices Era. 

We then explore new technologies like IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing). Find out how IAST:

  • works with applications.
  • slots into the development lifecycle.
  • can solve your challenges. 

IAST can provide deeper insight into the security and structure of your applications. Want to take control? Join our talk to find out how.

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