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Defending against the dark arts of CyberCriminals

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Tuesday, October 11 2016
13:45 - 14:35

In the emerging world of DevOps and the Cloud, most developers are trying to learn new technologies and methodologies. The focus tends to be on adding capabilities such as resiliency and scaling to an application. Still, one critical item consistently overlooked is security.

The world of the Cyber Criminal is closer than you realize. Watch a real man-in-the-middle demonstration and learn just how simple it can be for others to steal your secrets. In this talk you’ll learn about other practical examples of how you can inadvertently leave the doors open and what you can do to keep your system secure.  In the end, security is everyone’s concern and this talk will teach you a few of simple actions you can take (and some behaviours you must change) to create a more secure application in the Cloud.

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