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Functional Event Sourcing Workshop – Build your own ES Service in Kotlin

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Thursday, October 8 2020
09:00 - 17:00
Booking note:
Functional Event Sourcing Workshop

Bring your own laptop and find a pair. This is a fully hands-on session about how to design and build an event-sourcing service.

You will learn:

Event Sourcing pattern: store changes instead of state
The Functional approach: define behavior combining functions operating on immutable data
Command Query Segregation principle: how having two models give us more flexibility
Kotlin language (if you don’t know it yet)

You will practice:

How to use and debug the design pattern.
How to add new functionalities (Commands).
How to display information in new ways (Queries).

We will discuss together:

What works
What doesn’t
What are the pros and cons of different approaches

Take aways:

You will be able to develop an Event Sourcing service yourself without using any framework.
A couple of hours of programming fun.

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