JAX London, 3–6 October 2022
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Reactor vs. Loom: Fight!

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Tuesday, October 4 2022
10:15 - 11:00
Room A

Reactive programming provides a programming model that can handle a
large number of simultaneous clients with a few threads. In addition,
certain types of problems can be modeled very elegantly using a reactive
model. On the other hand, it incurs a steep learning curve that is not
be neglected. Project Loom aims to solve the same problem of efficiently
handling many concurrent clients with a classic programming model. Does
it really work? And how much support from the surrounding Java ecosystem
will this require?

This presentation will compare these two approaches and their practical
use. Will there be a showdown with a clear winner, or will each model
provide its own strengths and areas of application? Join this talk to
find out.

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