JAX London, 5-8 October 2020
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Dr. Stephen Hellberg

Dr. Stephen Hellberg
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Dr. Stephen Hellberg


Dr Stephen Hellberg is tenured in IBM Support caring for runtimes : Java and Node.js primarily, although that has included Apache Spark (an analytics toolbox). Stephen has been supporting IBM Java SDKs/JVMs as ‘L3’ support since version 1.2.2, or around 18 years; currently, his current role extends to the future of IBM support delivery for runtimes, and how to deliver value in support with so many runtimes now being based upon open-source. In addition, he also conducts PSIRT reporting for Node.js at IBM, and has acted in this capacity for other runtimes too. He has also acted as a migration focal point for Java over many years. When not diagnosing other people’s problems, he’s been released to speak at international conferences, such as W-JAX or QCON, or atleast until the next crisis recalls him!

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