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13 Java and Architecture articles by JAX London speakers!

Change is in the air. We got in touch with JAX London speakers to get a vision of what the future looks like for Java. Alex Soto shows off what Quarkus can do to make Java programs lighter and fast, Michael Inden takes a deep dive into Java 12’s new switch expressions, and Nir Koren gives tips for utilizing CI/CD for microservices. There’s plenty more, too: Thomas Buss takes a look at cloud-native Java with Micronaut, Markus Thömmes introduces us to Knative and shows us how powerful the combination of serverless and Kubernetes can be, and Dr. Carola Lilienthal writes about how to keep software architecture sustainable by managing technical debt. And that’s really only a sample of the feast on offer at JAX London.

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Fun fact: Most of the articles included in the current issue are written by JAX London speakers, so if you want to find out more about the topics presented in this JAX Magazine, check out the program and attend their sessions.

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  • Sustainable software architecture
    • Dr. Carola Lilienthal
  • Does 32-bit or 64-bit JVM matter anymore?
    • Ram Lakshmanan
  • Local variable type inference in Java
    • Simon Ritter
  • Java serialization: the ups and downs
    • Dr. Stephen Hellber
  • What makes Quarkus special?
    • Alex Soto
  • How to succeed in tech: tips and tricks
    • Katerina Skroumpelou
  • IoT and blockchain: the manufacturing revolution
    • Ilya Pupko
  • Revolutionizing the development sector
    • Tom Hardy
  • Smart homes: the benefit of automation
    • Gregory Miller
  • Cloud native Java with Micronaut
    • Thomas Bussֿ
  • Java 12: How the new switch expressions work
    • Michael Inden
  • Knative: An Introduction
    • Markus Thömmes
  • 5 Tips for Utilizing CI/CD for Microservices
    • Nir Koren