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Micro Frontend: the microservice puzzle extended to frontend

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Wednesday, October 9 2019
15:15 - 16:05

Microservices are at the top of the hype right now and perhaps you’ve already fallen for them and are replacing your good old monolith for new shiny microservices on the back-end.


But have you ever considered doing the same on the front-end? Even hype-r (or crazy-er, we’ll let you judge), have you tried mixing different JavaScript frameworks (let’s say AngularJS, Angular and React for example) in a Single Page Application?


That’s what Micro Frontend is and that’s what we’ve done at Saagie. In this talk I’d like to give you feedback on the different architectures we’ve tried, their pros and cons and help you find which one would be the best for you, just in case you’d like to opt for the dark and crazy side of front-end.



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