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Testing Microservices: From development to production

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Tuesday, October 9 2018
10:00 - 10:50

Testing microservices is challenging. Dividing a system into components naturally creates inter-service dependencies, and each service has its own performance and fault-tolerance characteristics that need to be validated during development, the QA process, and continually in production. Join Daniel Bryant to learn about the theory, techniques and practices needed to overcome this challenge.

– Introduction to the challenges of testing distributed microservice systems

– Learn how to isolate tests within a complex microservice ecosystem

– Introduction to consumer-driven contract testing

– Explore how API simulation can be used for testing work undertaken during DevOps, legacy system and high-volume load testing

– Implementing fault-injection testing to validate nonfunctional requirements in development and QA

– An introduction and discussion of the need for continually validating microservice systems running in production, both through observability and chaos engineering

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