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JAX London Whitepaper

Kubernetes, Cloud Computing, and the Java Revolution

Java has come a long way since Java 8. Michael Inden discusses everything new and great in Java from versions 8 to 16. Find out how to keep things simple with Uwe Friedrichsen and discover how to deploy a cloud-native Java app on Kubernetes with the help of Steve Halladay. What’s new in Apache Cassandra 4.0? Jonathan Ellis shows off the latest Apache Cassandra improvements in this whitepaper.


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    • 1. Deploy a Cloud-native Java App on Kubernetes Using Spring and K8ssandra
      by Steve Halladay

    • 2. Kubernetes-Managed Object Storage for the Win
      by Ugur Tigli

    • 3. The Risks of Poor Enterprise Cloud Management and How to Avoid Them
      by Roman Davydov

    • 4. How You Can Shape the Digital Future as a DevOps Human
      by Eveline Oehrlich

    • 5. Why Isn’t Application Security Instrumentation in Your Software Stack?
      by Jeff Williams

    • 6. Microservices After the Hype
      by Eberhard Wolff

    • 7. KISS of Death by Complexity
      by Uwe Friedrichsen

    • 8. (R)evolution Java 8 to 16
      by Michael Inden

    • 9. Apache Cassandra 4.0: Taming Tail Latencies with Java 16 ZGC
      by Jonathan Ellis