JAX London, 8-11 October 2018
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Java APIs: The missing manual

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Wednesday, October 10 2018
10:30 - 11:20

This isn’t a talk about microservices, NO-SQL, container solutions or hip new frameworks. This talk will show some of the standard Java APIs that are part of Java since version 5, 6, 7 or 8. All these features are very helpful to create maintainable and future-proof applications, regardless of whether JavaEE, Spring, JavaFX or any other framework is used. The talk will give an overview of some important standard concepts and APIs of Java-like annotations, null values and concurrency. 

Based on an overview of these topics and some samples the talk will answer questions like:
– How can I create my own annotations?
– How can I create a plugin structure without using frameworks like OSGi?
– What’s the best way to handle NullPointerExceptions?
– How can I use promises in Java?
– How can I write concurrent code that is still maintainable?
Since this sounds like a big topic for just one session the audience can vote at the beginning of the session the 2-3 topics they want to learn more about.

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