JAX London, 3–6 October 2022
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Testing Java Microservices Apps Without Cooking Your Laptop: Using Docker & Telepresence

Tuesday, October 4 2022
11:30 - 12:15

When enterprise organizations adopt microservices, containers, and cloud native development, the technologies and architectures may change, but the fact remains that we all still add the occasional bug to our code. The main challenge you now face is how to perform integration or end-to-end testing without spinning up all of your microservices locally and driving your laptop fans into high speed! Join me for a tour of testing microservices using a series of Java applications as a case study. 

You will learn everything about effective unit testing with mocks, using TestContainers for dependency testing, and using Telepresence to extend your local testing environment into the cloud. Learn when to use each type of test and tooling based on your use case and requirements for realism, speed, and practicality. We will discuss how to utilize containerized dependencies and Docker for testing, including both apps and services you own and those you don’t. We’ll also go over the challenges with scaling container-based application development (you can only run so many microservices locally before minikube melts your laptop). Finally, you’ll see how Telepresence can "intercept" or reroute traffic from a specified service in a remote K8s cluster to your local dev machine.

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