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SPRING BOOT – All you need to know

The term „Microservices Framework“ is often used when talking about Spring Boot. This is only partly true: Spring Boot is suitable for small services as well as for monolithic applications. These services or applications can be pure Web APIs or web applications, command line programs, or orchestrating applications. In the end, Spring Boot orchestrates the Spring Framework. The Spring Framework provides application-level infrastructure ready, especially Dependency Injection and aspect-oriented programming. With these, building blocks become higher value concepts realized. Depending on the module, these may include transactions, security, and more. Spring Boot starts a Spring Container and configures – depending on the dependencies on the classpath (see also What is a starter?) – correspondingly further modules.

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    • What exactly is Spring Boot?
    • Are there any alternatives?
    • Version management and administration of dependencies
    • Maven
    • Gradle
    • What is a starter?
    • Manual (specific) configuration
    • Test support
    • Actuator
    • Logging
    • Profile
    • Application packaging
    • Lazy initialization
    • Developer tools
    • Start.spring.io
    • How-to-guides