JAX London, 3–6 October 2022
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AsyncAPI and Event API Products: a match made in heaven

Tuesday, October 4 2022
10:15 - 11:00
Room C
Event-driven architecture (EDA) is all around us, and the backbone of capital markets, many retail banks, e-commerce platforms, airlines, and other industries.

With EDA getting increasingly prevalent, you need tools for (1) defining applications in a standardized specification and (2) exposing asynchronous APIs to other stakeholders. The first is addressed by the AsyncAPI specification, and the second by event API products. 

In this talk, Developer Advocate Hari Rangarajan and Distinguished Engineer Tom Fairbairn will introduce AsyncAPI and the advantages it brings to the world of EDA. They will explain how asynchronous event APIs are managed, defined in AsyncAPI specs, and exposed via event API products using PubSub+ Event Portal. 

They will demonstrate how to create a event API product using Java, Spring Cloud Stream, and the AsyncAPI java-spring-cloudstream-template. The demo will help Java/Spring developers who want to create event-driven microservices see how the AsyncAPI specification can be used as a standard for defining asynchronous APIs in a machine-readable way. This opens up possiblities like using a code generator to create a Spring Cloud Stream microservice that publishes and subscribes to events as defined in the AsyncAPI document. 

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