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JAX Developer Puzzle!

Jun 19, 2019

4 developers are working on a chat bot project - when will they finish? Solve the JAX Developers Puzzle by July 22nd for a chance to win a JAX London ticket!

Jane, Alison, David and Ben are developers in the Medics.app team. They are about to start working on a new chat bot project for a round health provider company. They each use a different language and all finished writing their code before the deadline, but at different times! Their team lead is currently working remotely, and as the network isn’t that reliable in his vacation hut, he only got the following 5 bits of information from the office. Help him understand which developer used what language and when each developer finished.


The 5 hints are:

  • David will finish 20 minutes before Alison
  • Alison will finish sometime before the dev using Bot.Lang
  • The four devs are: the one finishing 3rd, the one using Bot.Lang, the one using Java and Alison
  • Ben wrote his own language: Bot.lang
  • The developer coding with Ruby will finish 20 minutes after the dev using Java.

Your answer should be a code based on all the selected cells in the table. The answer should be read in a left to right and top to bottom order. Remember, as with all grid-based logic puzzles, no option in any category will ever be used more than once. After your submission you will get an email with a subscription confirmation request, please complete this step to play the game and join our newsletter.

Submit your answer by July 22nd to enter a raffle of 2 free JAX London tickets.

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