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From monoliths to modular architectures and microservices with DDD

Each company has large software systems that have been continuously developed over many years, and the maintenance of these systems is becoming tougher and more expensive year after year. Against the background of new architectural paradigms such as microservices, these systems should now be modern, scalable and flexible. There is hope though - you can get rid of these big, cumbersome monoliths by decomposing them down into smaller microservices.

Cloud native Java with Micronaut – An alternative to Spring?

Yes, you read it correctly, there are alternatives. Although the top dog Spring is enjoying great popularity with Java applications, we should not forget that there are also other frameworks worth taking a look at. Here we’ll be talking about Micronaut, a relatively new framework, but one that offers some interesting features that make it a real rival to Spring, especially in the cloud environment. In this article, we will implement an application using Spring Boot and then using Micronaut. Then, we will compare the two approaches and see where each framework is superior to the other.

RESTful APIs done right

Anyone who has ever set up a domain with microservices already knows: APIs for service-to-service communication are of crucial importance. Since each team has its own style and implements interfaces differently, the number of various approaches tends to explode sooner or later. Defining a guideline with rules and examples right at the beginning of the project helps to guarantee consistent APIs which are as self-explanatory as possible.

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