Spring Boot Auto Configuration

Spring Boot has always fascinated me. No more fiddling around with different versions of application servers and different environments between local development, testing and production. If you deal with Spring Boot, you quickly come across the term Auto Configuration - a term that most people interpret as "Spring Boot does it right somehow". But what exactly is right?

Cloud native Java with Micronaut – An alternative to Spring?

Yes, you read it correctly, there are alternatives. Although the top dog Spring is enjoying great popularity with Java applications, we should not forget that there are also other frameworks worth taking a look at. Here we’ll be talking about Micronaut, a relatively new framework, but one that offers some interesting features that make it a real rival to Spring, especially in the cloud environment. In this article, we will implement an application using Spring Boot and then using Micronaut. Then, we will compare the two approaches and see where each framework is superior to the other.

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