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Kotlin – the better Java?

The Kotlin programming language saw the light of day in February 2016 with version 1.0. In 2019, Google declared Kotlin the "first-class citizen" of Android development, helping it achieve a breakthrough. But what makes Kotlin special? Why is it worth taking a look at even for Java veterans who have nothing to do with Android? This article will cover this and other questions.

Choreography vs Orchestration in serverless microservices

Should there be a central orchestrator controlling all interactions between services or should each service work independently and interact through events? This is the central question in the choreography vs orchestration debate. In orchestration, a central service defines and controls the flow of traffic between services. With centralization, it becomes easier to change and monitor the flow and apply consistent policies.

Spring Boot Auto Configuration

Spring Boot has always fascinated me. No more fiddling around with different versions of application servers and different environments between local development, testing and production. If you deal with Spring Boot, you quickly come across the term Auto Configuration - a term that most people interpret as "Spring Boot does it right somehow". But what exactly is right?
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