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Aug 19, 2019

Who are the most influential Java people in the Twittersphere? After analyzing thousands of accounts, we created a list of people that every Java enthusiast or pro should be following.

All influential people have something in common: they can spread ideas faster and better than anyone else. We are aware that following these people has a handful of perks, including staying on top of the latest news and trends. Therefore, we decided to concoct a list of Twitter accounts all Java fans should follow. The analysis ranks the top accounts in accordance with their social influence, although interestingly enough, not all household names of Java evangelists are on the list. Nevertheless, we are very proud of the list that we came up with.

This year we really looked for the right combination of quality content, social credibility and a strong voice in the community. There are some big names in the software development world many of us probably know of and some of them do have a wide reach in in the Twittersphere, but we were looking for the ones who make a change today, the movers and shakers of Java in the social world in 2019. We decided to save the honorary spots for two names we are sure anyone in the Java community appreciates, though we didn’t add them to the infographic so we could really focus on the grassroots level of the Java network.

Congratulations to all influencers who made it into our Top 20 list. Click on each username to visit their Twitter accounts or the list on twitter. Below our detailed list, you find our methodology and insights how we created the ranking.

Honourable mention 1. Martin Fowler @martinfowler

Programmer, Loud Mouth, ThoughtWorker

Kred score: 94
Moz score: 76
Total score: 170

Honourable mention 2. Uncle Bob Martin @unclebobmartin

Software Craftsman

Kred score: 94
Moz score: 74
Total score: 168

1.James Governer @monkchips
internet wheelbarrow. redmonk co-founder, sunshine in a bag, industry analyst meets developer advocate, “quite motivating in a surreal kind of way”. he/him

Kred score:915
Moz score:69
Total score:161

2. Markus Eisele @myfear
I drink coffee for your protection. Director of Developer Advocacy at @Lightbend.

Kred score:897
Moz score:68
Total score:158

3.Bruno Borges @brunoborges
Brazilian Immigrant ?????? DevRel & Java Champion, promoting great developer tech to the world. Now #Java ☕️ @Microsoft #Azure. Prev. @OracleDevs.

Kred score:894
Moz score:67
Total score:156

4. Guillaume Laforge @glaforge
Developer Advocate at @Google for @GoogleCloud during the day, and @ApacheGroovy programming language project co-founder & PMC member, @java_champions at night

Kred score:871
Moz score:69
Total score:156

5.Arun Gupta @arungupta
Runner, Author, Father, @menkag hubby, Java Champion, J1 Rockstar, JUG Leader, Minecraft, Docker Captain, Devoxx4Kids, DevRel, work @awscloud, opinions own …

Kred score:875
Moz score:69
Total score:157
6.Jake Wharton @JakeWharton
Opinions expressed here are my own, not those of my company. They made me write this because I complain about Inbox going away so much.

Kred score:820
Moz score:74
Total score:156

7.Jessica Kerr @jessitron
Developer, @Atomist. Panelist, @greaterthancode. Tweets are mine, licensed CC0. she/her

Kred score:890
Moz score:66
Total score:155
8.Quentin Adam @waxzce
CEO @clever_cloud IT automation and application sustainability for node, scala, java, php, python, docker or ruby apps + DBaaS… Build and update apps faster

Kred score:855
Moz score:68
Total score:154

9.Josh Long @starbuxman
Spring Developer Advocate @Pivotal Check out http://joshlong.com for my Patreon, books, podcast, screencasts, and Livelessons masterclasses ??

Kred score:861
Moz score:67
Total score:153
10. Viktor Klang @viktorklang
Deputy CTO at Lightbend. Dist. Sys. Connoisseur.

Kred score:887
Moz score:64
Total score:153
11.Venkat Subramaniam @venkat_s
programmer, author, speaker, founder Agile Developer, Inc., creator of http://agilelearner.com , professor of CS at U of Houston

Kred score:860
Moz score:67
Total score:153

12.Martin Thompson @mjpt777
Pasty faced performance gangster – http://www.real-logic.co.uk/

Kred score:822
Moz score:70
Total score:152

13.Lukas Eder @lukaseder
How many DBA to change a lightbulb? One to many. Will tweet about all things #Java, #SQL, and #jOOQ. My views usually select from tables.

Kred score:821
Moz score:70
Total score:152
14.Baruch Sadogursky @jbaruch
Chief Sticker Officer @JFrog (also, ? of Dev Rel). Co-author of #LiquidSoftware. DMs are open, so don’t hesitate.

Kred score:787
Moz score:72
Total score:151
15.Joe Ingeno @JoeIngeno
Software Architect | Developer | Author of Software Architect’s Handbook http://bit.ly/2QPjjLj

Kred score:895
Moz score:61
Total score:151
16.Vlad Mihalcea @vlad_mihalcea
@Java Champion working on @Hypersistence Optimizer, database aficionado, author of High-Performance Java Persistence http://amzn.com/973022823X

Kred score:785
Moz score:71
Total score:150

17.Mario Fusco
Java Champion, @jugmilano coordinator, Drools project lead @RedHat. Tolerable husband and embarrassing dad at Fusco family (you cannot be good at everything)

Kred score:855
Moz score:64
Total score:150

18.Aleksey Shipilëv @shipilev
JVM Performance Whisperer, Benchmarking Geek, Concurrency Tarpit Dweller. Developing OpenJDK at Red Hat. Opinions are mine only. IRC: shade at OFTC.

Kred score:855
Moz score:64
Total score:150
19.Javin Paul @javinpaul
Enjoy #Java , #programming #algorithms #spring #coding blogs @javarevisited @ http://java67.com and http://savingsfunda.blogspot.com

Kred score:796
Moz score:70
Total score:150

20.Eberhard Wolff @ewolff
Fellow at @INNOQ . Software Architecture. Technology. Learning every day. He / his ?

Kred score:857
Moz score:63
Total score:149


We first generated a list of twenty thousand Java-related Twitter accounts (including all accounts that contain the keyword Java in their bio or in any of their tweets.)
To score the account and rank them accordingly, we analyzed their social authority and reach using two key metrics: MozRank and Kred.

Moz Social Authority Score: Social Authority score is composed of:

    1. The retweet rate of users’ last few hundred tweets.
    2. The recency of those tweets.
    3. A retweet-based model trained on user profile data.

Visit this MOZ blog post for more in-depth information.

Kred Score: Kred Influence Measurement, or Kred, is a website created by PeopleBrowsr that attempts to measure online social influence. Read more in the Kred scoring guide.


JAX London speaker
Rank increased compared to last year’s list.
Java Champion: The Java Champions are an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle. Java Champions get the opportunity to provide feedback, ideas, and direction that will help Oracle grow the Java Platform. This interchange may be in the form of technical discussions and/or community-building activities with Oracle’s Java Development and Developer Program teams.

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